Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Recycle Candle

A couple weeks ago I started a recycle candle.  What's a recycle candle????  Oh I'm so glad you asked!!!!!

Here is what I do.  I'm a Scentsy's my link . When my wonderful customers use up their wax & it no longer has any smell left.....they bring me the leftovers (instead of pouring it out in the trash). To which I give them a discount on their next purchase.

 I reheat it & pour it in the which I added the wick to.  And I just keep adding & adding & adding.  Pretty cool uh???

So now.....if the power goes out.......if we go camping.....if their is a problem that I need candles for I have them.  And they cost me hardly NOTHING.  I've got the jars left over from canning, the pack of wick stuff cost me probably less than $2.  And the wax doesn't smell I get different color candles and we are recycling the wax....instead of throwing it out!!! 

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