Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

We spent the day hanging out today!!!!  This morning we ran some errands.....went to the farmers market.....picked up my WONDERFUL CATHERINE'S deal that I got the other day.

Then came home & had a little cookout!!!!  Played in the creek & in the rain.  I love it when we are both home & just have fun!!!!

He hates it when I take his picture!!!  But he's so cute how could I not!!!!!  Don't you just want to pinch him!!!!!  One day I'll get how BLUE his eyes are in a good shot & you'll see how no girl could resist him!!!!

And him well he's just to cute to!!!  But he's even cuter now that he's wore out......................



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  7. Okay, I just had to email you back to tell you he's sitting on the couch eating watermelon right now, some people never learn Lol!!

  8. He must have, it's still on his plate Lol!!

    Last night he was cutting a slab of it on the kitchen cupboard, I'm sitting in the family room minding my own business when I hear "son of a bitc....", I look over, he's bent down picking up watermelon off the floor and wiping down our white kitchen cabinets, no kidding, I swear LOL!!!! He really should switch to grapes or apples or something