Saturday, May 1, 2010

Freezer Jam

I made some drooling, yummy strawberry jam today!!!!!  Seriously it was like the easiest thing EVER!!!

2 cups of mashed strawberries

to which you add 4 cups of sugar.....I know I know...but you want sweet jam don't ya!!!!!

and you let that sit for 10 mins which is the LONGEST 10 mins of your life!!!!

See I told ya.....long 10 mins!!!!!

Then you mix together a box of pectin & 3/4 cup of water.....bring to boil stirring constantly...let boil (while stirring) for 1 min

Then combine the pectin mix to the strawberries...stir about 3 mins til all the sugar is dissolved.
Pour in containers leaving about 1/2 inch @ top.....put lids on & let sit room temp & then place in freezer!!!!!

Looks good doesn't it!!!!!!  And easy peasy!!!!

But I do have one suggestion.......when you are pouring the strawberry mixture into the container......put a towel under the containers!!!!  Helps with the clean up!!!

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