Thursday, May 20, 2010

My BiLo Shopping Trip

Well I was gonna have a grand picture of all the cool great deals I got from BiLo this afternoon.....but I put everything away & totally forgot to snap a picture!!!  You must remember that there is blonde in this strawberry colored hair LOL!!!

So imagine with me........

My total BEFORE savings......$68.67
My savings.........$28.62
I ONLY PAID$42.08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the coupons I got for FREE stuff from Kraft the other day I got a Kraft Homestyle Deluxe Mac & Cheese AND a Kraft Deli Deluxe slices FREE!!!!!

Coffeemate Creamer is 3/$5....I had 2 50c off coupons....which means I got 2 of them for.......$1.32 (cuz the coupon got doubled!!!!!!)

Hillshire Farm Deli Select is $ 55c off (and of course it was doubled)....which means I paid $1.89

Friskies cat food is on sale....I paid after coupon $2.50

Healthy Choice frozen meals are on sale & I have coupns......$1 off of 2

Dominos Sugar is on sale after coupon I paid $2.18

And so on & and so on!!!

See the key to get ALL COUPONS you can....and combine the coupons with the sales that are going on @ the local grocery stores!!!!!

I think I'm gonna start putting the savings $ in a little jar and start my Wireless Printer Fund......I'm so gonna have this printer one day SOON!!!!!!

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