Friday, May 7, 2010

Good Morning Girls Group

I'm over on Good Morning Girls Blog and am reading about how she has a bunch of different groups of women that help each other be accountable for their personal quiet time with our Heavenly Father!!!  I think it would be GREAT to start a group up.......who's with me????

Here is a little about it & what goes along with being part of the group!!!!

A Good Morning Girls Group is a group of women who love Jesus and love their sisters in Christ. The main goal is to keep each other accountable in their daily quiet time with God.

Each morning Monday through Friday - after you have your quiet time you will email the group just to say - "I read xyz in my quiet time today." The first person to email for the day begins the "thread", then everyone else responds through out the day to say what they learned during their quiet time.

Joining this group is a 3 month commitment. At the end of three months you can reassess whether you'd like to continue the group or dissolve the group. There will be a chance to re-enroll in August.

Here's a sample Good Morning Girls email:

Monday 6:35am- Good Morning Girls! I just had my quiet time in Proverbs 31 - it really motivated me to get busy cleaning today - so I'm off to clean - have a great day!

7:15am - (the next girl in the group replies)-- Good Morning! I just read in I Corinthians 13 about love - I am so convicted about the way I have been treating my husband lately. I'm going to start memorizing this passage.

1:15pm(the next girl in the group replies) - the kids are down for their naps and after seeing that you read in I Corinthians 13 today - I decided to read there too - oh it is so convicting - for me it's with my mother-in-law - I'm really struggling to unconditionally love her. Say a prayer for me today if you think of it!

Final replier of the day 9:15pm - oh girls - I had a terrible day - I woke up late - the kids would not sleep during their naps and I'm just now getting to my quiet time with God. I'm so glad I have you guys or I'd be tempted to not meet with God at all. So I sat down and read in Psalm 62 and had a precious time with God - I really needed to hear those words. I'm praying for you all and your marriages and in-laws. Hang in there - talk to ya again tomorrow! Night Night!

And that's how it goes!

Let me know if you'd like to join me & I'll sign our group up!!!!

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