Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday List

Today there are a few things on my list!!!  A list of things to do, things that get on my nerves, things that I'm thankful for, things that are on my know a LIST!!!

  • I need bread & coffee creamer from the store.  Guess I'll be going there during lunch!!
  • H & I are gonna be jogging tonight during our walk.  Cuz I'm just in the mood to jog tonight!!
  • Did people forget their brains at home today??? 
  • It's BEAUTIFUL outside today.....I don't wanna be at work!!
  • I'm jealous of DH today....he has the day off & I'm at work!!!
  • I wanted DH to come eat lunch with me today......he went and ran errands with his brother instead!!  BRAT!!!
  • I really need to organize my office again!!  I hate doing that!!
  • Some people talk to much!!  I think they need to hear themselves talk to make them have a good day....when all I want to hear is quiet!!! 
  • If what the voices in my head said ever came out of my mouth I would be in trouble!!
  • I LOVE the sunshine & blue sky outside today....THANK YOU LORD for giving it to me today!!!
  • I'm thankful for whoever made Peanut M&M's....they make me smile!!!
  • I need to figure out what goodie I'm gonna bake this weekend!!
  • DH wants me to make Chicken Pot Pie!!!
  • I like this radio station.....they play the older country songs & that makes me smile & dance in my office!! 
  • Hope no one sees me dancing in my office.....they might leave!!!!
  • Then those voices might start talking again LOL!!!

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