Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today just seems like the perfect day for change!! 

As I kissed DH while he walked out the door this morning headed to work, came back in & changed the TV from the news to a show that believe it or not is 30 mins of crazy quietness, I came to the conclusion that today I'm gonna make a change.

A change for the better!  A change that will bring me closer to the ONE who matters!!!  A change that is gonna mean the world to my family, to me & to those around me!!!

I'm ready to be still & quiet today!!  I'm tired of the loud craziness that has become my life!!!  I've tried to change before but it hasn't totally worked for one reason or the other.

So today I'm making a change.......A change to be more quiet, more peaceful.  To be still just alittle more often!!!

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