Monday, January 16, 2012

No dinner for me THANK YOU!!!

So before me & H took off for our walk tonight we made these.........

Yeah that's strawberry cupcakes in Starbucks little cups that I scored the other day!!!  Yeah the cupcakes that I COULD have made yesterday if the element hadn't went out!!!

And it's a good thing that we walked ALL OVER TOWN for 45 minutes!!!

Cuz then when we came home look what I did......

Yeah you guessed it....that's frosting on top!!  Looks just like a Strawberry Frappuccino doesn't it!!!!  And if I must say so myself it tastes just as good!!!!!

So because I ate THE WHOLE thing there won't be any dinner for me tonight!!  And probably cuz I'm gonna make some more yummy cupcakes this coming weekend I'm thinking it will be nothing but Slim Fast shakes for me ALL WEEK!!

H on the other hand.....he'll keep enjoying his walks & LOVING his pillows that no one else is allowed to lay on!!!

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