Friday, January 13, 2012

Being Frugal

Do you realize by being frugal & packing your lunch every work day for a month at minimum you could save $100!!!??

Let's say at minimum the LEAST you spend is $5 for lunch....that's $25 a week.....$100 a month!!!!

That's $1200 a year!!  Imagine the debt you could pay off with that!!!

I watch one of the girls here at work buy her lunch almost every day!!  And I wonder how in the world she can spend that much in a month!!  Just a little planning ahead at night when you cook dinner saves you a ton!!!

We had beef tips with green peppers & onions last night...I cooked extra so DH could have them & a baked tater for lunch today!!  PLUS broiled a steak in the oven while the tips were cooking & there is part of breakfast for 2 days!!  The steak was the size of TEXAS!!  Add a few scrambled eggs, some toast & a can of pears and DH is as happy as a kid in a candy store!!

Frugality is all about taking a few mins & planning ahead!!!!

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