Friday, July 16, 2010

Goofy Text

I first have to tell you that my DH is NOT a texter!!  If someone texts him & I'm there he'll say here you text them back I don't want to!!!

So I just sent him a text that said....

When you get home will you plz bring the comforter in off the line?

To which he responded.......


And I said....

Thanks!!!!  You are awesomly wonderfulmous!!!

He said....

I know!!!!

Dude what am supposed to say to that...........Ya think!???? And a smarty at that???  Or......LOL and a GREAT texter (is that a word) to uh????

So as I'm trying to figure out what to say....DH calls!!!  And says.......If all these CRAZY people in the middle of town would get out of my way I'd be home by now to get the comforter.  It's starting to rain big drops.........UUUUGGGGGRRRRRR  they won't move!!!!!!! 

Bless him......he loves me can't you tell!!!!!!!!  Any guy that would get upset cuz slow poke drivers are in his way & hindering him from getting home to get the comforter off the clothes line is SO WORTH KEEPING!!!!!!

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