Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Balancing Tuesdays

So REALLY I am the worlds WOREST at getting my priorities straight & balancing things in my life!!!!  I always take on more things than I should.......and at the end wonder how in the world I pulled things off!!!!  I sometimes feel like the bottom rock in the above picture.....holding everything up waiting on it to all fall at anytime!!!!

I figured we could set Tuesdays aside to work on these goals together.  Every Tuesday I'll give another concept that can help you.  What things do you do to help keep your priorities straight & balance to your life??

*Set a regular time to think about your life & set your priorities.  Write down daily tasks.

I've been TRYING to do this on Saturday afternoon.....I take about 15 mins after I've read my Bible & prayed about how the prior week has gone & figure out what I need to change.  Using the 15 mins after I have read & prayed helps me to realize that I'm NOT the bottom rock trying to hold everything up.......My Lord & Savior is that bottom rock holding me up.

  Writing down daily that's one I'm gonna have to work on this week!!!!!

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