Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturdays are Rough!!!

We had a rough day today me & Hoss.......that would be 9:27 AM.  Yep after darling hubby left for & Hoss slept til 9:27 in the MORNING!!!!!!!!!  I haven't done that in YEARS!!!!
And boy it felt good!!!!!!

Then I went thru my box of goodies I got from Febreze that I got from House Party!!!!  You should go sign up for some of the parties!!!!  They are very cool & send you TONS of stuff so you can have your friends over for a party!!!!!

And we worked on my SCENTSY extras basket!!!  I've got loads of extras I need to work on!!!!  I see giveaways in the future for all my great customers!!!

And then.......

It was nap time!!!!

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