Sunday, June 13, 2010

Menu for the week

YEAH it's a new week & a new time to start a challenge!!  I ALWAYS want to stick to a menu.....and I ALWAYS sit down on Saturdays & think man it would be SO nice to come home everyday from work & know what the night is going to hold.  Know that I'm gonna cook this for dinner....then walk the Horse, do alittle laundry etc etc etc.

WELL..........................I'm gonna start one wish at a time & gonna plan out my menu for the week on Saturdays for 1 month.......I can do this I KNOW I can!!!!  Then once I have done it for a SHOULD be an automatic & I can move onto my next wish.....of having a dog that isn't bouncing off the walls ALL THE TIME!!!!!!

Soooooo here is my menu for this week......

Sunday: Ham, baked taters, greenbeans, deviled eggs & rolls

Monday:Sandwiches, chips & fruit

Tuesday:Country Peppers (VERY VERY Excited about this one), peas

Wednesday:Ham LO (leftover)

Thursday:Shepards Pie

Friday:Hubby is taking me out (he just doesn't know it yet!!!!)

Saturday:BBQ Chicken on the Grill

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