Saturday, June 5, 2010

Heaven......I'm in Heaven!!!

Chocolate Heaven that is!!!!!!!!!  Have you tried Dove Chocolates yet???  I'm telling you.......YOU GOTTA GOTTA GOTTA try it!!!!!

I got this great package from Debbie the other day & in it was a receipe for a drink called Creamy Minted Hot White Chocolate!!!  And yes....Mint & Chocolate are 2 of my FAVS!!!  So put them together...and I'm in Heaven!!!!!

The receipe calls for.....
14 oz of milk
20-30 mint leaves (which I didn't have BUT I did have Andies I did a little substitute)
1 packet of DCD Frosty White Chocolate Smoothie Mix (which Debbie sent me.....LOVE HER!!!)

You bring the milk to a boil...remove from heat add mint leaves...cover & let stand for 3-5 mins. Strain out the mint & return milk to saucepan.  (I just melted the Andies in the milk once it started to get warm)

Add Frosty White Chocolate Smoothie Mix....whisk to combine.  Serve Hot.

And sit back AND ENJOY!!!  Even Hubby said....that's some good stuff!!!  You GOTTA keep that receipe.

So go over to Debbie's website & check out all the GREAT stuff!!!  You'll be in HEAVEN TO!!!!!

They've got cool little molds!!!

And YUMMY carmel nut clusters!!!!

You won't be disappointed I PROMISE!!!!  And tell Debbie I said Hi when you stop by!!!!!!

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  1. omg, chocolates!!!! im craving now :)

    btw, im jen. I found you in Follow me back Tuesday, I followed your blog and love to be your new blogger pal. pls follow me back...

    tnx tnx! have a lovely day!