Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bake Sale

So today we had a yard sale/bake sale for our ladies group at church.   And of course I started like Wednesday night baking cupcakes etc.  And as Im sitting there last night making a beach themed cake....with gum balls for beach balls, fruit rings for floaties & water & sand (graham crackers), I'm thinking WHY OH WHY do I do this every time.  Why don't I just make something simple & be done with it!!!!  I tip my hat to the ladies that make something easy when it comes to bake sales.  And then when the cake is done I'm like YES I ROCK!!!  It might be 11:00 at night....and we get up in 4 hours.....yes my house gets up @ 3:00 am (don't ask...we are alittle off and have issues).....but YES!!! cakes & cupcakes have survived from Hoss & they are all ready to go!!!!!!
And then I'm on my way to the bake sale/yard sale at 6:30 in the morning.....after walking Hoss, and making it away from the house without any disaster happening to the cakes.........AND I rearend the vehicle in front of me.  Cuz don't laugh now.....I'm looking in the mirror thinking Darn I hope I don't have raccoon eyes today after 3 hours of sleep cuz Hoss was a pain!!!  Luckily there was no damage to the other vehicle, I just hit their trailer hitch, scraped up the front of my car just alittle & have a goose egg on my head from hitting the visor that has a bunch of cd's in it!!!!  And as I pull into the parking lot..........head hurting, beach cake smooshed up against the side of the box, 2 cupcakes on top of each other....................................I tip my hats to those ladies that do easy things for bake sales!!!  Cuz they are the ones that get more than 3 hours of sleep and don't have to worry about raccoon eyes & now goose eggs on their foreheads!!!!!!!!

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