Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Weekend

We had a rough weekend round these parts!!!!  Can't ya tell!!!!

With the leaves changing comes much cooler Saturday H figured it would be a wonderful day to be lazy!!!  And just for the record mommy didn't argue any!!!!  With all the sniffling & sneezing she has done lately she didn't mind a few hours of laziness!!!

We woke up Sunday morning & mommy needed a day of clearing her head.  Has anyone else had a day like that????  Please say yes cuz if not I'm gonna feel like a total retard!!!  So needless to say we had a head clearing day.  And now that it's 9:11 PM I can say that it was a productive day!!!  I feel lots better about somethings that are happening in our lives.  Lots better about passing the worry torch on....whatever happens I'm good!!  We are good & all is gonna be fine!!!

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