Saturday, August 14, 2010

Late Nite Walk

Just for the record.......I AM ON VACATION!!!!  But someone forgot to tell Hoss that!!!  It's 10:00 PM and he wants to go for a walk!!!!!  Seriously doesn't he understand that when you are on get to be LAZY!!!!!

Can't you just hear him say......Really mom can't we go NOW!!!  I'M TIRED OF WAITING!!!!!

So off we go!!!!!!  And might I just say that there are all kinds of noises that aren't fun to hear when you are out walking @ 10:oo PM!!!!

And after a 20 minute romp thru the neighborhood....what dog wouldn't want to cool his feet in the creek!!!!!!

Ohhhhh and right before we left I asked my wonderfully sweet hubster if he would turn the front porch light on for me!!!! 

And of course he did!!!  Cuz he is just good like that!!!!!!!

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