Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hoss went on his first Saturday adventure with mommy today!!!!!!!  And he had a BLAST!!!!!!!  Daddy took off to work & we headed west!!!!

First we made a trip to the Biltmore House.  The poor guys at the gate that checked us in said they heard Hoss barking ALL THE WAY up the road.  Ya think he was a little excited???  And honestly I won't be able to hear for ohhhh about another 10 days from all the barking!!!!

We walked one of the trails.....let me rephrase that I walked the trail.....Hoss he RAN the trail!!!!!!
And saw lots of pretty flowers.....and chased a few geese!!!!!!

I heard the other day on the radio that for as many days of foggy mornings we have.....we will have that many days of snow come winter time!!!!  IF it's true......we are in trouble again come winter time!!!!

Then our adventure took us to the craft store to get stuff to finish up my TEXAS LONGHORNS wreath!!!!!

I LOVE AC MOORE!!!!!  Hoss I'm not to sure about him......he had to stay in the car while I ran in & got a few things!!!!!!!!  He did tell me he was very happy when I got back in the car.....cuz I let him get out of his seatbelt and hang out in the front seat with me & soak up some AC!!!!

And I'm thinking that this little adventure pretty much wore someone out......

What do you think??????

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