Sunday, August 8, 2010


Do you ever just have one of those goofy days???  That's today for here is my goofines list for today!!!

* I HATE laundry!!!!  Please someone come finish the laundry for me!!!!

*I've gotta go here in a few & pick DH up from work!!!  Glad he is coming home from work but I don't think I've got the energy to get up out of this chair & drive to get him.

*Being lazy is way to fun!!!!

*$110 at the grocery store & I forgot milk!!!!

*Said DH will be disappointed tonight since there is just alittle milk but no energy to walk into the grocery store to get some!!

*Speaking of grocery stores.......bratty teenager was way up in my space this afternoon while I was checking out I HATE THAT!!!!!

*Tomorrow night we have a cookout to go to @ the Lake here in town.....think I might take Hoss...see how he does!!!!!

*3 days til my staycation starts!!!!  Super Excited!!!!

*I get to go to TN for one day of the, goofing off, the Applebarn (YUMMY), much fun!!!

*The ham in the oven is smelling so good!!!  Can't wait til it's done!!!!!

*Thankful the sun is out instead of it raining.  Thought when I came out of church it was gonna rain today!!

*Although rain would be a wonderful thing cuz drought conditions are no fun!!!!

*And there is the phone to pick up DH...guess I won't make him walk.....might be a divorced woman if I did that!!!!!

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