Saturday, January 16, 2010

What a GrEaT Saturday

Go ahead ask me what I did today!!!!!!!  We had a WONDERFUL group of women to the house bright & early this morning.....10:00 am.  That's early for a Saturday!!!!!

Crystal came over from Tastefully Simple I LOVE LOVE LOVE all their products!!!!

and the

are just a few of my favs!!!!!

The Spicy Olive Twist is super super good on some Triscuits!!!

And then my friend Angie came over!!!  She gave us all Chair Massages and let me just say it was WONDERFUL!!!!!  Man Oh Man I could have let her rub my shoulders & lower back for ummmmmmmm HOURS!!!!!!

I have such wonderful friends!!!!!  And am so glad I got to introduce a few new people to each other today!!!!!!!!!

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