Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Start of a New Year.

It's been alittle cold on this neck of the woods today, so cold I couldn't even get Hoss to get out of the covers.  High of 20 and windchill tonight BELOW ZERO.  So since it was to cold to go anywhere today I worked on my New Years Resolutions. 

Health wise I'm going to for the month of January atleast ride our stationary bike for 2 miles a day.  My hope being that every month I will atleast add 2 miles to the total.........holy cow does that mean by the end of the year I could be riding 24 miles a day!!!!  I will rock if that happens!!!!!

Business wise I would really LOVE to have atleast 4 parties a month & add a new member to my team every month.  Scentsy is such a wonderful company to work for & have  A GREAT PRODUCT!!!  I want TO TELL EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT IT!!!  How wonderful the warmers are & the safety issue is such a wonderful feature!!!!

I would also like to pay atleast one of our cc off & also be able to start a savings account. 

Personally my goal is to work on myself.  If it means taking more time for me....more time to enjoy the moment......more spiritual time to connect with my Heavenly Father.....more patience with people that's what I'll do.  It is my goal this year to become a better person in 2010....a more rounded person....a person that people look up to.

I hope everyone has made some goals (that actually sounds better than resolutions doesn't it?)  this year......and that we all can use this New Year to our benefit!!!!

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