Tuesday, January 26, 2010

14 Days to Valentines Day

So in my blog surfing sometime a few weeks ago I came across the idea of doing the 14 days to Valentines Day for the hubby!!!!  Kinda like the 12 Days of Christmas but for Valentines Day. 

The plan is to have whatever the gift is on the table when he sits down for he can think about his oh so wonderfully smart, thrifty, crafty, loving wife ALL DAY LONG!!!!  not that I would brag or anything

I of course wanted to end with one big very cool present......but couldn't figure out what to lo & behold the oh so smart hubby said the other day....."I really would like another sporty sweatshirt.  You know I got the UNC Tarheels one....but a different one would be kinda cool."   OH day that I don't have to think about something for it.......PLUS that can be my ending present!!!!! So I went online......and found a Washington Redskins sweatshirt (who might I add just happens to be his fav NFL team AND THEIR COLORS ARE RED, well maroon....but it still counts as RED).  So that is my ending present

I really really heart Casual Male they got it here in like 4 days and it sits in the trunk of my car as I speak.....just waiting for the 14th!!!!!!!!

So what else do I have planned...........oh the 8th (it's a Monday) I have secretly taken off of work......made sure with his boss that he'll be off of work.....talked to both brothers so they don't plan anything for him to do that day......and I'm taking him to the Biltmore Estate and out to eat breakfast. 

We have never been there together......and HELLO it's right here in Asheville.....and thanks to my WONDERFUL sister in aren't a fortune!!!!!!!!  My plan on that day is to tell him Sunday night what we are going to do the next day.  Oh won't he be surprised!!!!!

Then let's see one day I'm giving him so Copenhagen, I know really original uh but we have to get it anyways every week so I figured why not.

Then here are a couple of my other ideas.......of course I'll post pictures of once I make them.....let's see if they turn out as good as the pictures.

filled with little conversation hearts

I got those 2 ideas from Michaels

Then The DIY Show Off Blog gave me a couple of very cute ideas


and lastly I have a few ideas from my February All You Magazine

Remember I'm not doing anything huge (well besides the sweatshirt & the Biltmore Estate day),  just small little tokens to show him I'm thinking about him & that I love him & am thankful for him everyday!!!!!  I"ll make sure to post pictures as the days go by so you can see my wonderfulmous creations!!!!!

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