Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What I Learned....

I learned today that hiding my head in the sand usually isn't the very best thing to do!!!

I learned today that Hosser will do ANYTHING for a treat!!!  We can now sit when a car comes down the road & are WORKING on laying down!!  That one is alittle hard!!

I also learned today that even though those little chicken patties that you put on rolls says to cook for 22-24 mins @ 425 degrees....they are WAY BETTER if you only cook the for about 18-20 on 400 degrees!!!!

I also learned today that I really really REALLY don't get enough sleep cuz I think I could have took about a 30 min nap this afternoon while driving home & been just fine!!!

I also learned wait got reminded today that people can be gone in an instant!!!  Live every moment with them the best you can!!!

I learned that even though I have to stop what I am doing to spend a few hours with DH while he mows some's ALWAYS worth it!!!  Spending time with him is the BEST!!!!!  It's always worth it & I don't regret a minute of our time together...even if I have to stay up alittle later @ night to get things done!!

                  Wonder what I'll learn tomorrow???????

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