Monday, September 5, 2011


Hoss is a Black Mouth Cur.  It's a breed that lots of people don't know alot about.  It's an AWESOME breed.  Very full of energy & if you don't have lots of time or energy I don't recomend this breed to you.

Everyone that asks me about him doesn't have the foggest idea of the breed UNTIL the other day.  Me & Hosser were walking hiking up the side of the mountain in Montreat & we passed this very cute couple that asked about him.  And I about fell down the mountain when the gentlemen told me exactly what kind of breed he was.  Apparently their granddog is also a Black Mouth Cur & is Hoss made over!!!  Full of energy, very smart, HATES cats, LOVES people & wants to be around people all the time.  It was even cute how they said their granddog comes to visit them.  Seriously I don't think I have EVER heard my parents say anything like Hoss is their stinkin sweet is that!!!! 

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