Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's raining...

It's raining here FINALLY!!!  The grass was starting to crumble under my feet when I walked on it!!!  And thankfully it started raining while Hoss & I were on our afternoon walk!!!  Nothing like getting ALMOST home a the skies open up!!!!  We stood under the tree as long as we could.....I finally just had to suck it up and RUN the rest of the way home!!!! 
And it was a NASTY rain!!!!!  One of those rains where by about 2 seconds in it's' dripping off my eyes, my hair is wet & shirt is soaked....and all Hoss wants to do is sniff the trees!!!  Yeah not today buddy!!!!!!!
So now we are sacked out on the couch, my hair is up in a towel & we are chillin till Daddy gets home from work!!!!

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