Saturday, July 23, 2011

There has been lots of craziness going on here in Hoss's World.  And lots of eye opening experiences.  And everytime we learn one more little lesson from all of it!!!!

And the funny thing about having this blog is that it's mine & I get to tell you what I want about these experiences.

But to save you from falling asleep at the computer I'm gonna say this..........I THOUGHT things where going to be different and almost heading in a direction that was good & then as usual I was proved wrong!!!!  I was proved that yet again putting myself out there was the wrong thing to do & that the situation won't get any better!

BUT I learned that my little corner of the world with Hoss & DH back in the woods where the creeks run and you can sit on the front porch & just watch the traffic go by is where I would much rather be.  Some people unfortunately don't have one of those little corners and if you don't you are more than welcome here at ours. 

I think that's what we get back to the basics of things.   You know the basics.......where family is important, you don't always run around like a chicken with your head cut off, you can take a few minutes every day and spend sometime with the Lord.  Tell him that you are thankful for the wonderful things that he has blessed you with.  The basics of as a wife you make sure that your home is taken care of before you take care of things out in the world.  The basics of you let the Lord & your husband lead you in the way you should conduct your life.....NOT the world and others in the world.

What are your basics?????

Take some time this weekend and work on your basics....I'm going to!!!!

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