Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Wouldn't you LOVE to have a smile like this all the time!!!!  He ALWAYS a smiling happy guy!!!!  I've decided this past few days to have this attitude & smile big cheesy happy smiles like this!!!  And let the record show that I have accomplished alot, been a happier person, not let things bother me as much!!!  PLUS my house has been happier!!!  I read somewhere a few days ago that before a wife is to go out & o things & be involved in all kinds of stuff outside the house she FIRST needs to make sure her home life is in order!!!
Now you might not be able to eat off the floor yet at my house.....but I'm working on getting things in order here first.  Yes I have to work outside of the house!!!  I have 2 jobs....but my first job is being a faithful, loving, supportive wife to my wonderful hubby AND being THE BEST daughter to my Father in Heaven that I can.  And making HIM proud of me everyday in EVERYTHING I do!!!!
And when I get to Heaven and He says...well done daughter well done!!!  I will be beaming with joy!!!!!!

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