Sunday, March 14, 2010

Please Explain

Why oh why is it that when at 2:00 IN THE MORNING I am the one that gets the poke from the lovely other half....."Honey Honey Hoss is you think he wants to go outside?"  Sure sweetie at 2:00 in the morning who doesn't want to go outside.  So up I get.....let Hoss outside to do whatever it is that he does BEFORE THE CHICKENS GET UP!!!  Let him back in....fall asleep on the couch (while I might add Hoss sleeps in the big fluffy nice chair).....only to hear the alarm go off at 3:00 AM!!!  Get the hubby up & moving so he can go off to work...then lay back down for a little while.  To come out of the bathroom from my shower to see this
Hoss dead to the world on the couch.
Seriously how in the world can he be comfy cozy all bunched up like that?

He really does have a hard life doesn't he????

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