Friday, March 12, 2010

Hard work

Why is everyone so tired at my house???  Here is what the oh so good lookin hubby & Hoss did in 2 days!!!!
Did I tell you about the tree that fell a few weeks ago?????  Oh a PURE NIGHTMARE!!!!  Well maybe not a NIGHTMARE but it definately was NO FUN!!!!  So after one of our 500 snow storms we have had....the wind was blowing HORRIBLY bad one day!!!!!  I'm at work....hubby is home for's ohhhhh about 23 degrees outside......and he calls to say that a popular had fallen and knocked the power line/cable & phone lines out of the house.  The dang 700 foot tree that was probably 100 years old (like all the other trees around our house) had come right up out of the ground root ball & all!!!!  Fallen on our side of the power line & just took our lines out.  Everyone else in the neighborhood had power/phone/cable/internet!!!!!  It took us only about 24 hours to be all back in working order...and could have been much much worse....I know people that had been days & weeks this winter with no power.  But this big pile of wood is from that 700 foot tree!!!! 
And now I wonder who is gonna stack it all?/?????  HMMMMMMM.....thinking maybe the wood fairy will come see us???  Probably not!!!!

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