Sunday, October 3, 2010

Caramel Apples

Hoss & I decided the other day that since it's officially Fall it was time to make some caramel apples.  He told me after the week that I had had that I deserved such a great treat!!!!!  He is so smart & is SOOOOOO my favorite dog!!!!!!!

We went to the store & got some of the little caramel square things & melted them on the stove........I thought I would get brave & add some of my homemade vanilla once it melted & I'm SOOOOOO happy I did!!!!! 

We had to use red apples.......DH is a geek & doesn't like the sour ones!!!!!

Once the little squares & vanilla melted I just dunked the apples in the caramel & we were off to the races!!!!

They turned out SUPER GOOD!!!  I think I ate 2 of them in one that bad????

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