Thursday, December 1, 2011

Giving Season Day 2 cont....

So I'm a goofball & forgot to get back online last night & tell you how day 2 finished up!!!

Why did I forget....cuz I left work, picked Hoss up from doggie daycare, ate a snack @ home, went to church, went to the grocery store (for 2 houses might I add), went to the gas station, swung thru & picked up dinner, dropped groceries off @ 1 house, came home with my groceries, ate dinner, did laundry, finished up the goodies for a party tonight, packed for the party tonight, got Hoss to finally lay down , watched 20 mins of the UNC basketball game.....GO HEELS!!  Kept the woodstove cranking cuz it was really really really cold outside & finally crashed!!! 

And I just now remembered I didn't finish telling ya'll how yesterday went!!

So my first thought got shot down.....I moved it on down the list of things I could give.  MIGHT try again another day!!

So the rest of the day I gave kind words to EVERYONE I crossed paths with.  The guy at the grocery store that looked CRAZY cuz I'm sure his wife asked him to pick up a few things & he didn't know where half of them where (atleast that's what I think happened) I said Hi to & smiled at him.  Then offered him my buggy before he dropped the eggs LOL!!  The lady at the convenience store I opened the door for & said have a good night.  The kid behind the counter at the store I talked to probably alittle too long cuz I think DH got alittle impatient!!!  Just talked to everyone!!!  It did make my night go alittle smoother & not seem so crazy!  I felt a whole lot lighter as I ran back to the other side of the store cuz I forgot a Diet Sundrop!!  And if you know our grocery store you'll understand the 2 mile walk that occurs from one side to the other!!!! LOL!!!  It really wasn't a big deal because that meant more people I could talk to & more people that I could spread alittle sunshine too!!!

Did you give anything yesterday to someone?????

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