Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 1 of 14 Days to Valentines Day

SOOOOOOOOOOO here is Day 1 of my wonderful Valentines Presents.  I couldn't wait until breakfast to give it to the I sent Hoss in the bedroom to give it to him in a little baggie alittle after midnight this morning.

I put some converstaion hearts in a little clay pot I had (no it hasn't been used for anything LOL), then took a bubblegum sucker & made little heart petals from construction paper & foam hearts.  Tied alittle pink ribbon and there you go.

I think the hubby was alittle surprised.  I keep telling him that the days aren't anything big....just small little reminders for him of how much I love him.  He said awwwwww.....and can't wait for Day 2!!!!

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